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How this works - Definitions and Proof

The history of flexible payments makes striking sense because it accounts for the need all of us have for stability and security.  Medical Finansurance, explained below, answers all of these needs and returns control of choices to individuals.  Visit Percentage As You Earn to read the background, history and record for sucess built up over centuries of usage.

From the %PAYE Site:

Medical Finansurance, based upon erratic percentage-of-income, is a charging method.
Percentage-As-You Earn(%AYE) Medical Finansurance plans, in the free market, account for periods of time where no income is the consequence of medical conditions, fixes them, and allows a contractual repayment, continual payment, and/or prepayment for cures, wellness, and human investments.  

The fusion of medical finance and insurance can only occur with this income-contingent PAYEment method.  
            All three of these eventualities required or desired by need or want, can be paid for, past present and future, by Percentage As You Earn (%AYE) Medical Finansurance.  This defacto universal, comprehensive access via %AYE covers all people with erratic incomes with the exception of uneducatable people.  This includes 95% of all people, including the elderly who are interested in permanent quality longevity research on the horizon within a decade.

    New technologies will not be rationed by budgetary considerations by politicians.  For instance, in the late 1970s Senator Teddy Kennedy, in advocating a single payer federal medical system, attacked the use of X-Ray Cathode Tomography (CRT) because it would be too expensive for taxpayers.  However, the ability to look inside a patient without numerous exploratory surgeries proved to be a vast cost-saver.  Surgeons went on to invest in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) for the same reasons while eliminating radioactivity.  
         Charities which are now preoccupied with providing minimal care for 47 million low-income people, will be able to concentrate on the uneducatable population, the 5%, unlikely to be able to earn an income.  No one will be marginalized to death.  
         Genuine economic incentives for preventative and wide-spread public health, are the result of a medical provider wanting to hang on to income streams from healthy customers/patients.  Long-lasting curative care will also be rapid in the self-interest of a medical provider whose revenue is based upon %PAYE medical and health finansurance.  
       East Asian medical practitioners were routinely paid while their customers were well.  Payment stopped when their services were needed.  In America, old country doctors charged the same percentage of income from rich or poor farmers in either commodities or cash throughout the year's growing seasons. "Reckoning" a percentage of income for a broken leg by reconnisance and calculation of a chicken coop and the doctor's costs, may have looked like barter, but was %AYE.  This intelligent system which worked for 200 years on the frontier, caring for all people without government; was thwarted in the 1920s  by: 1) the rise of hospitals wanting full fee-for-service; and 2) the new insurance companies using a fixed amount installment premium that was cancelled while the customer/patient's income dropped, often due to illness.  The absurdity of fixed payments or government rationing is inconsistent with historical precedents offering care, wellness and improvements to PAYEing customers in a free market.  We can again have, today, a system which works for all of us.