Cooperative Health for Life

The only Health & Medical Insurance you cannot lose.
Pre-Existing Conditions?  No problem, we finansure!

Commited to your health and choices
We believe in you!
      This is the health insurance which you cannot lose because you lose your job or face major problems and cannot pay those monthly, rigid installments.   This is what we call FINANSURANCE, a combination of financing and insurance charged by an agreed percentage of your income.   Go to Percentage-As-You-Earn (%AYE) for more.  
     "Real choices"doesn't mean anything if there is only one. If some choices are excluded, and the reason for this is that someone else claims they know what is best for you.   Saving money is not an acceptable reason to refuse to save lives, nor to ensure those lives will be productive.   Yet, today this is the formula being used in coordinated effort by the AMA, insurance, and governmental policy.  
    This is undertaken ignoring the alternatives which will save lives, return us to productivity, and provide the best treatment available.  
          The rising costs for health today are caused by pollution, high levels of stress, and the failure of the medical establishment to use existing technologies which would alleviate these problems and lower the cost of treatment for significant numbers of their client/customers.  
​           Cooperative Health for Life endorses Health Portal
                         Financing for treatment of pre-existing conditions.  
    By using Hyperbaric-Oxygen Therapy, genomic treatment, Neurofeedback, Prosthetics and more, costs are lowered and health and income-earning ability is restored.   
                         Insurance for statistical events be they near term, future, or long term.                      Human Investments (HI), in improving health, research timeline, medical condition, or income earning ability with prosthetics or servo-mechanism interfaces.  
            All three of these eventualities required or desired by need or want, can be paid for, past present and future, by Percentage As You Earn (%AYE) Medical Finansurance.  This defacto universal, comprehensive access via %AYE covers all people with erratic incomes with the exception of uneducatable people.  This includes 95% of all people, including the elderly who are interested in permanent quality longevity research on the horizon within a decade.